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Brandon FL
I getting ready to go bid on a sod job and Im just curious on what others charge to lay sod. And all the ins and outs of laying sod.

Trim Creations

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I charge a flat rate for laying sod. that is $3.50 a yard the sod $1.35 a yard. that includes starter fertilzer. but does not include prep work. that all depends on the yard and the shape its in, new costruction or a redo.


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Keep in mind that sod is cut differently. Some are in sq.ft. rolls and some are in sq.yd. rolls and some are the huge rolls that take a machine to roll them out.


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Its been my understanding that the sod farms have went to a national measurement of sqft not sqyard.. none of the sod farms we deal with both in illinois and wisconsin.. are sqft. how do u do sqyd? do u convert it .. and who charges .50 for install thats crazy.. what does your sod cost you? and 75 a pallete thats a dollar a roll. how do u make any money? not trying to bash anyone but i just cant figure out how u make any money? we get our sod delivered for 1.10 a sqft. 75 rolls to a pallete thats 82.50 a pallete. We charge 2.25 sqft so a lawn that is 9000 sqft you would need 900 sqft of sod so 900 x 2.25 = 2025.00. So u see how i question some of the bidding stratigies.. Just pipe in hope noone is upset please feel free to give me you reasons for you pricing so i can understand better.. thanks