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  1. nelski

    nelski LawnSite Member
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    I am thinking about buying a new sodcutter and was wondering if you guys use them much in your line of work? And what kind do you have?<p>Royce
  2. paul

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    Royce,<br>We have tried sod cutters but have found for the type of work that we do I can't justify there cost, for me I have the equipment on the job just easier to till under the old sod and replace or build the planting bed on the tilled soil.<p>----------<br>paul<br>
  3. nelski

    nelski LawnSite Member
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    Paul<br>In the past I have used an old ryan that would shake your teeth right out of you after you run it for a bit. So I was thinking about buying a new one. Most of the work I do is installing edging or cottage stone and shrubs for the home owner around foundations of their homes. And have found that the sodcutter comes in handy for this type of work. It sure beats useing a spade.<br>Also I have run a trench master in the past and seems it might be a good investment down the road anything to save time and labor.<p>Royce<p><p><p>
  4. Lanelle

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    For landscape bed installation, consider using Round-up on the area, about a week before the install starts. Then rototill the dead stubble into the bed. That lessens the potential grass grow back. An equipment dealer told me that the reason there are so few models of sod cutters for landscapers is because this is the way that so many companies do their prep. work. Of course, you need an applicators license in many places to even apply Round-up.<p>----------<br>Lanelle<br>
  5. nelski

    nelski LawnSite Member
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    Lanelle<br>The one I would like to buy has a 12&quot; cut so it can fit in small areas. I also use a mini rototiller that works great in tight areas. And your right about the round up that works like a charm. And in my state you have to have a license to use it and flag the home owners front and back yard.<p>Royce
  6. pete

    pete LawnSite Member
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    Does anyone use or have seen the manual sod cutter that is advertised in the back of grounds maintenance mag. Its is made by quail manufacturing out of ramsey MN. it looks like it is a neat tool but it also looks like it could be a real b@*$^ to use. I dont know if its easyer than a shovel and a hoe but if it is it might be good for occasionaly use.
  7. Mike Stemler

    Mike Stemler LawnSite Member
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    Try a mini skid steer unit called the Kanga. It will remove existing sod and haul it away. Then switch attachments and till, bring in some additional topsoil/humus and incorporate if desired, and relevel. Next use it to haul your new sod through the narrow gate to the backyard. It's just like the Toro Dingo but better in digging and torque to the wheels. Price depends on what attachments you get but it really is a labor and money saver. Costs far less than paying for another person on the payroll.<p>----------<br>mike stemler<br>
  8. nelski

    nelski LawnSite Member
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    Mike<br>Do you have a number or a web address for the kanga? I would like to check into It.<br>Thanks<br>Royce

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