sodding after 3-way ester application

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by ricsin1, Feb 8, 2012.

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    I have a fescue lawn and I want to sod with bermuda. My lawn company just applied 3-way ester weed control today ( 2/8/2012 ) . How long do I have to be able to sod with bermuda? my plans are to kill off the fescue first with "round up" , then till, then sod with bermuda.. being that they just applied the 3-way ester today how long should I wait? does 3-way ester even prevent new sod from rooting? or is that just SEED?
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    I did some experiments in August 2011. I planted new grass (rye, blue blend) on soil that had been sprayed with herbicides.
    I applied Lesco Eliminate Herbicide, (an amine). Seed planted the same day or 1 day after spraying germinated poorly. Seed planted 3 and 5 days after spraying germinated well, (only slightly shorter than untreated on untreated soil.)

    I applied Gordon's T-Zone (ester). The germination and growth was poor when seed was planted at 1 and 3 days later and only fair when planted at 5 days later.

    True, this doesn't answer your question directly. I would think two weeks wait interval would be plenty.
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    Don't till it (especially with a walk behind) will have a lumpy yard for years to come. Bermuda likes to be cut under 1", which is very difficult to do on uneven, lumpy ground.

    Do you have any shade (might be why you have fescue)? Bermuda will not do well with even the slightest shade unless you get Tif Grand or Celbration (hard to find in GA).
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    I think im gonna try the seed route to see how that playsout...$200 in seed vs $800 in sod +another $100 to get some one to till up my backyard =$900... (. I found a sod farm in ga that has tifgrand for $185/pallet )

    Wranger..u bring up a good point. I do have SOME SHADING in my backyard. Its more of the shadow from my house that moves with the sun..i only have 3000sq feet to seed. According to NTEP the "Riviera" seed did very well in Ga. I hope that mythat my house shadow does effect germination. Im getting about 6-8hrs of sun even with the shadow...
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    You might also look at the bermuda blends that have Yukon in them. My understanding is that Yukon consistently rates high for winter survival and spring green up. A shadow from the house, as long as it does not also mean a shadow from your neighbor's house such that the grass only gets 2 hours of sun in the middle of the day will not kill bermuda. But if it is too much shade, stop fighting it. Do the area in shade loving perennials and evergreens.

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