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Sodding - How soon can people walk on the grass?

Jake Wolf

LawnSite Member
I'm debating whether or not to sod a home with lots of little kids running around. Currently the grass isn't in great shape and there are plenty of weeds growing. Cost isn't the factor, time is.

Focal Point Landscapes

LawnSite Senior Member
Macon Ga.
Technically speaking , there is no waiting period before sod can be used. Practically , once you lay it , water it , roll it , and water it to keep it from drying out , there will likely be some places where you can leave a footprint in the sod because it is too wet. While the sod is living, it has no root system and can be misaligned by excessive foot traffic . Imo , you would want to minimize most activity for at least a week before opening it for normal use.