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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by dakota2000, Jun 8, 2007.

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    I'm doing a sodding job for a customer, its 2300sq ft job. Not much experience is sodding so far so just looking for a few pointers to look out for.
    I was planning on stripping the old lawn with a skidsteer and sod cutter.
    I'm guessing that I will have about 15 yards to take away, does that sound about right? I was planning on taking out 2" from the old lawn, is that enough? How many inches of topsoil need to be put back down before putting the new sod down? Customer is paying for the topsoil, sod, i am just doing the work. I've quote $1500 and they pay 60/hr to truck the old stuff away. I figure 4 hours to take it away. Does this sound like a profitable job?

    Let me know!
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    Why are you letting the customer buy the sod and topsoil..? Never shoudl you do this, you are cutting yourself out of the most profitable part of doing sod. Do you own a skidsteer and a sod cutter or will you be renting? Who is charging you 60/hr, and how will it take them 4 hours to get rid of the old sod. Is this company actually cutting the old turf out and then disposing of it? THere is really not enough detail for me to be able to tell you if it profitable or not. Just as a reference, when we do sod work (depending on commercial or residential) we normally get $1.50 /sqft (average resi.) and $2.00/sqft(average comm.) However, we provide everything and the customer is never brought into the loop on how much it costs us to do the job...i.e. knowing the material cost!!! For us, this job would be bid around $3,500..depending on sod type, and topographical layout of property..
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    Too much ........why can't you strip the lawn down with a mower, rake it up and put the sod on top of the soil just like it is? And if it isn't level just add some isn't a very big area:hammerhead:

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