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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by big mike, Mar 10, 2001.

  1. big mike

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    can anyone give me some prices on what to charge to put down sod.Iwant to know how to charge per yard,espesialy in michigan.Someone told me the goin price for buying sod at a sod farm is around $0.85 per roll and to install it would be around $2.00 per roll,and any topsoil is additional.SO he rake's the ground and lays the sod for $2.00 ?ant feed back would help thank's big mike
  2. CCLC

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    There are a number of factors to take into consideration. How much grading and prep work is needed? Soil condition? Labor cost per hour? Sod cost?

    Where did you get sod prices at $0.85 per yard. Even with my quantity purchase discount from last year I only get it for $0.92 per yard (if I pick it up). Delivered it ranges from $1.00 to $1.45 depending how much or how little I need.
  3. SWguy

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    I am all the way down here in Texas, and we have some standard prices that is set by the competition

    Ground prep
    1 Roundup, till, & rake 1.35 per yard with a $250.00 dollar min.
    2 Install
    front .75 a yard
    back 1.00 a yard

    but there is allways a min price of $35.00 for a service call

    Hope this shed some light on the subkect for you
  4. VRL

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    I used to live in the Bay Area (San Mateo, CA)I've always charged from $2.00 per square foot from 1997 until December 2000. That was for all labor, sod ($.35 sq.ft.), soil amendment ($25 cu.yd.)The whole works.

    My biggest customers where the working class and never had any one complaints.

    I then moved to Southern California and still charging the same rates, unfortunatley some do have a problem.

    Again, Sod (Starting at $2.00 per sq.ft. labor and materials)and Irrigation (starting at $75 per head labor and materials.

    What is the going rate for Sod and Irrigation here in Southern California? Am I charging to High?

    Other local landscapers here are charging from $2.50 to $3.00 per sq.ft.

    I don't get it.
  5. John Deere

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    VRL - Are you saying you are laying sod for $2.00 per sq. ft. or am I reading your post wrong. I'm sorry, but that price can't be for just laying sod. We lay sod for .22 cents per sq. ft. up to .35 cents per sq. ft. Now if you are laying for $2.00 what else are you doing at the price.

    ALSO, alot of people on lawnsite charge per sq. yard. I find it much easier to bid the the sq. ft. We charge 4 - 6 cents for grade and 22 - 35 cents laying sod. So for BIG MIKE that's our price. Hope that helps.
  6. VRL

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    John Deere,

    YUP 2 bucks p/sq.ft. LABOR AND MATERIALS

    Sod down here costs me .35 per sq.ft. Tall Fescue.

    From $1.65 per sq.ft. left over (Labor and Materials), I tear off old lawn haul and pay disposal fees, rotortill, remove roots if shallow (extra fee if too many), amendments if needed (i'll pay), grade, fertilizer, lay sod, and fully guaranteed if maintained by me, only if they have an irrigation system and no pets.

    They can't lose :)

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  7. Kansas Turf Man

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    How much are the sod farms charging you guys per square foot on a semi load basis (10,000sq/ft) I am just wondering. I am charging customers from 35 cents a foot for very small orders down to 18.2 cents on large orders. Take a look at my web sites price page and let me know if you think my prices sound reasonable. Just looking for a little feedback here. Don't want to undershoot the market although people in my area think that the prices are about right.

  8. Groundcover Solutions

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    Big Mike you are right in my city!!! What are you doing trying to take all of my jobs.LOL What company are you with?? maby we can do some work togther or something!!!!
  9. tjg

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    Kansas Turf Man, Nathan, I live in north central Oklahoma and I get my sod out of Tulsa,Ok it is a two hour drive but the sod there is alot better(there is a little sod farm about 15 miles from me but doesn't compare w/ Tulsa Grass & Sod Farms)sod from them cost me, landscape discount, .10 per ft. anything from a pallet to a semi load delivery would cost around $50.00,that is for bermuda, and for fescue it is .15 per ft. same delivery if needed. Hope this is what you wanted.

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