Sodding vs. Seeding

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by SpudsM15, Feb 14, 2006.

  1. SpudsM15

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    I'm putting together some formulas for bidding sodding and seeding....
    I've heard people saying they charge $2 per sq ft. most say $1 per sq ft.
    now what ever you charge for sodding how much more would you estimate sodding is vs seeding.... I've come up with a 29% differance. Does that seem about right to you guys or am I way off...
    I'm talking about seeding and sodding where you completely start over... rip out everything and topdress with some good soil....
    I've come up with $1 per sq. ft for sod and .79 for seeding...
    Last season I was all over the place on pricing these jobs I actually got 1.50 for a 3500 sqft sodding job but that I have feeling I was very lucky on... I ranged from .80-1.50 on sod and .50-.90 on seeding...
    I get sod for about .30 a sq foot the best mushroom compost soil is $38 a yard, Seed is 1.60 per lbs starter mulch $15 for 500sq ft $35 for 12k of starter fert...
    Am I crazy or am I in the range I should be???
    Also when you guys sod do you cut out the old sod or just bury it???
  2. SpudsM15

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    After doing some serious thinking about this... I have revised my numbers to .82 sq.ft for sod and .57 for seeding... Now of course these prices do not include any major prep work that would be priced upon seeing the job.
    so that is about a 30% differance.
  3. hole in one lco

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    double the cost of seed sod takes more work and more men.
  4. hole in one lco

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    forgot to add you selling point for sod is youll have grass today not next year
  5. TWUllc

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    Agreed. .
  6. Microbe

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    I have found that removing the old sod, rototilling the area and spreading a good organic fertilizer will help the sod indefinatly. By placing the sod on top of dead sod with an inch of top soil will only result in problems and compaction. You might be able to get away with it, but you won't get good results, and if you do, wait a year or two you'll see. Bottom line, good 4 inch base of good healthy topsoil, organic amendments, and a green thumb!headphones
  7. baddboygeorge

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    sod is 3-4 times more expensive but is instant lawn!

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