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  1. flascaper

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    I just finished a big job with a pool install. Included new irrigation lots of plants, lighting and sod. It seems sod install prices range from 250-300 per pallet installed around here. We use St Augustine grass and Bahaia. Its hard to do sod alone I try to incorperate landscaping with it or I don't make much with my labor costs. Does anyone else hate to do sod alone since its hard to make alot unless its a big job. also finding a system with lawns that need to be torn out. I heard of guys who lay ontop of old crappy areas. Then theres sod cutting that seems like a big pain in the butt. What is a good cheap way out of this where i can earn more.
  2. mikecaldwell1204

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    Best bet is to sub it out and put a little bit extra on top so you make money while doing nothing. Or give me a call and I can do it for you. lol
  3. yamadooski

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    Man that has to suck getting only 250-300 a pallet.
    We charge 400 per pallet and none of this per square foot garbage.

    As far as doing easier there is really no easy way to do it or every Tom Dick and blow hole will be doing that too.

    If you do find an easier way to do I would keep it to yourself if you dont want the price to drop ever lower.

    We have a real easy wat to do it but like I said keep your secrets to yourself your competition good be reading and only be a few miles from you like myself.
  4. flascaper

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    Well first off I charge about 350 per pallet. I get it for 90 bucks a pallet. Each pallet is 400 sq ft so i don't understand where you see that I price per sq ft i figure the area to see how much i need to get not what I charge. Second this web site is designed to help others in the field I would gladly share my ideas to help my fellow landscaper. I could give two craps about you in Tampa There is a ton of work here in Orlando you really think I need to go out there and steal jobs from you. A few miles?
  5. tthomass

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    I pay $100 for 600SF of sod (pallet)......I charge $600 for that pallet. Usually $1 per SF.........less with volume.

    Me.......I love sod.
  6. TXNSLighting

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    my gosh...i cant believe how much you guys are getting for sod...
  7. Lawnworks

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    On the internet anything is possible!
  8. paradise32258

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    in jacksonville we get 350-400 per 500sq ft pallet..
  9. TXNSLighting

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    hahahahaha!!!!! LMAOROF!!
  10. CALandscapes

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    We're located in the New Orleans area, and about 90% of what we lay is St. Aug. As far as what we get per pallet - it varies depending on the amount of prep work needed, etc.
    To answer flascaper's question on how to easily prep old lawn areas in order to install new sod: We generally will kill the existing grass/weeds using a glyphosate concentrate (ie Round-up) and then lay a thin layer of pump sand on top (amount of sand depends on amount of fill needed - it seems that most properties need at least an 1" or 2" of fill added)
    By spreading this sand on top of the dead areas of grass, we eliminate the need to till (which, in my opinion, can be the most labor-intensive process of sodding)..
    We don't make a killing on laying sod, but it's usually pretty quick and easy.. It's hard to charge a whole lot here because there are so many guys willing to come out and slap it down for $50 labor per pallet.. And, unfortunately, around here, a lot of people are trying to go with the lowest bidder..

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