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    Hey guys I am looking for advice I have been in business for about 3 years and have a few customers that want there yards sodded but I mainly do lawn care with some landscaping so I am asking for advice on What to charge and what tools do I need to take up old grass and install new I have tried doing my research but some say to put special chemicals done some say soil has to be tested Etc. any help would be great thanks guys. Jay Miller
  2. Ric

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    I am going to give the best advise but not what you are expecting. Stay as far away from sod laying as possible. From the very question you ask you have a HUGE LEARN CURVE and the need of some very Heavy duty equipment.
  3. unkownfl

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    Sod cutter, dump trailer, Milorganite, lay sod, Milorganite, water. I'd say the going rate is around .75 a square ft or less. One pallet is about 3-4 man hours to remove and re-lay from my experience.
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    Ric has it correct in that you have a huge learning curve, but that does not mean you can not do it. Just be prepared to work your tail off and not make a killing on the first couple of jobs.

    I am not sure what your sod it going to cost you - but lets just say you can get a 500 square foot pallet of good sod for $145.
    You are going to have sod cutter expense of $100.00 for the days rental and insurance on it.
    Now you also have to get the sod to the place - which means either you are getting it delivered, which can range a wide range in prices- or you are putting it on your trailer considering it can handle the weight of a pallet or two. If you are getting also remember that you will be walking to and from your trailer to get the pieces instead of having the sod company spot them thus costing you more in time, but the point is to figure out what it is going to cost you either way.

    You are going to need a landscape rake, which is going to run your roughly $55.

    And if you do not own a wheel barrel - you better get one of those to.

    You also will have dump fees for all the removal - unless you have a place of your own to dump - these fees will add up quickly. Call you local landfill and they will give you the rate per ton. Factor in time and gas to get to and from, and time to unload.

    unknown is correct - a good install here can fetch roughly 85 to 90 cent a square - we do have folks that are doing for .65 a square , which is $260 a pallet - which I can tell you is not worth the money, but is most likely were you should be for your first couple installs until you get the hang of things.

    Hope things work out for you - but most likely you will find it rough the first couple of jobs you do....but chalk it up as a price of a education.
  5. Tri-City Outdoors

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    When you look at ,dollar 4 dollar, Pound 4 Pound, sod is not at the top of the list. With that being said. keep your jobs small and sub out the big ones. At the end out the day it about the same $.
    Sm. spray and lay-A PCO,Hand tools(rakes,flat head shovel,pitch fork,machete, etc),blower, Wheelbarrow, Some hefty bags & marker flags, small trailer & truck, Milorganite, a good back.
    Larger jobs-everything as above times 2 or 3. Plus sod cutter, dump trailer, bobcat (depending) labor cost, workman's comp ins.
  6. just cuts lawn care

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    Thanks guys for all the advice I was thinking maye just try to seed lawn but im afraid it wont take then the customer would be pissed it looks like from most of the advice here that milorganite should be used i have a lot of hand tools jjust have rent big equipment I am prepared to not make much on the first few jobs figured most of the money will go into suplies and tools but then I will have everything to keeo going after that again thanks for all the advice guys
  7. Keith

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    I think you have been getting good advice here. Stick with sod, and stick with jobs 2 pallets or less for a while. If you screw up, you are not going to lose out that bad. I have been doing sod work off and on for 20 years. Right now, I only do them if they are 1500 ft or less, and sub out everything else. You might find you can make more money to sub it out anyway.
  8. zzach001

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    does anyone know of any sod truck drivers in south fl? I am looking to get a couple truck loads thanks
  9. fobaum

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    I just spray round-up where i'm gonna put sod, when the existing grass/weeds dyes just burn it down w/ weedeater rake up all debris down to dirt and level w/ flat shovels and hard rakes, This method is for small sod jobs of course 2-5 pallets. Same results despite what some might say,milorginite good starter fert.
  10. rob7233

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    What do you mean - Same results despite what some might say?

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