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    One of my customers has some bare spots and wants me to lay sod. It is about an 8x6 area and some other bare spots through out some of the lawn. This would be the first time I'll be doing a sod job is it neccesary to use a sod cutter and about how much should i charge.

    Thank you
    Marke Lawn
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    You do not need a sod cutter for a 8x6 area. A nice shovel will do the trick. Charge for the sod and what ever your labor rate is.


    Sod: 4 rolls @ $2.99 = $11.96 x 3 = $35.88
    ( I usually mark up materials at a rate of 3 x's )

    Labor = 1.5 hours x $35.00 = $52.50

    Grand Total = $88.38 ( round off to $85 or $90 )
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    Your in Florida so I'm quessing St. Aug. - Floratam. Like EastProLawn suggested just a shovel for a 6x8 area.
    Sod should be 85 - 90 cents for a 16"x 24".
    Charge $30-40 per hour. It shouldn't take you but 30 min. once you have the sod.
    For big jobs I use .65 cents per square foot. So a 3000 sq foot job
    would be $1950 - 8 pallets delivered.
    Good Luck
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    I lifted this from a website. This guy is really good I hear....

    Installing Sod Or Plugs

    Sod and Plugs are grass that is grown on a turf farm. They are removed in sections along with a layer of soil held together by the root system. These can be used to lay out an entire lawn or to repair thin/bare areas in a mature lawn.

    Plugs come in trays and are cut into 4”x 4” squares. You can “checkerboard” plugs in an area and allow them to gradually cover the desired area.Some nurseries will let you use a tool to plant these plugs. It is a process similar to planting tulip bulbs. Sift in topsoil around these plugs after they are planted properly. This will give the runners something to grip onto as they begin to expand and thicken. Start mowing the plugs regularly. It will encourage them to spread out.

    Laying sod does have some higher labor and material costs. Sod comes in a rectangular shape and can be cut into whatever shape you need. This helps with those odd shaped layouts. Sod also provides an instant lawn and greatly reduces any potential for soil erosion.

    If you are sodding, have the sod delivered the day before or the same day as it is laid. If you do have to keep it for a while before it is laid, store it in the shade and keep it damp. This will minimize stress on your new lawn before it is laid.

    Spreading out a layer of topsoil or even sand before laying your sod will be a great help to the establishment of the root system. This will be porous enough to allow the roots to grow easily. Laying sod on hard ground reduces the chance of your sod surviving. You can also use a piece of plywood to even out your new sod by evenly distributing your weight to make it even.

    Newly laid sod should be kept wet. I mean, nasty, messy, sloppy wet for the first 10 – 14 days after it is installed. This will promote root growth similar to placing a piece of clipped ivy into a glass of water. After the sod becomes attached to the soil, reduce the watering frequency. You can check for this by gently pulling on the sod. If it pulls up with some resistance, it is doing okay.

    Avoid fertilizing new sod for at least a couple of months. But do mow it regularly once it begins to show some top growth. Grass tries to fix itself or regenerate, when it is cut. When you do fertilize it, use a mix higher in Phosphorus (the middle number on the bag) to promote good root growth. After a few months, your sod should be doing well.
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    Do not plug in Florida!!!!
    It will be crab grass city in weeks.
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    Thanks for the input, I was figuring a little more because there are also some bare spots on the lawn that needs sod. So I'm thinking $125 for the job.

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