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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by HOWARD JONES, Sep 24, 2001.


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    I have read that the "Turf Boss" type tires give a softer ride - are they more flexible in the sidewall? Any of you guys switched to them and saw a better ride? Any reason they couldn't be put on any brand of mower?
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    The Turf Boss II tire is 22" tall and is on a 8" rim and the Turf Boss III tire is 25" tall and on a 9" rim. As you can tell, there is a lot of rubber between the rim and the road with these. The tires only need 6 or 8 lbs of air in them like a 4 wheeler would use, so it's the low air pressure that gives them the better ride. You can also get them in regular turf tread too if you are not experianced in turning yet. ;)
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    I wouldn't say that the Turf Boss' sidewall is more flexable, just that there is more sidewall! The rim size is considerablly smaller, and that is what might limit your retrofitting it to another brand mower. Things such as wheel motor hub, brake system parts and offest are just a few. Anything is possible, and someone, somewhere, has probably done it. They definately do give a smoother ride, but tended to deflect too much on hillsides, hence lowering the cutting surface on the downhill side of the deck. Plus the sidehill holding properties aren't nearly as good as a regular "Turf Type" tire that other manufacturers use. The other good thing about the Turf Boss is that they don't "Load up" with mud like the others do! Then they always seem to "shed" this mud all over the street or sidewalks!!
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    Man, now THERE'S a good point to consider! That's one of those things that it would just be easy to overlook when shopping or thinking on this type of setup.

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