soft wash VS power wash...?

Discussion in 'Power Washing' started by stvsloan, Mar 20, 2009.

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    Who's to say it's being done wrong? If it is done safely and effectively then that's all that matters. One thing I get tired of reading is people saying "leave it to the pros, they have been doing this for years"...... Who is to say the so called "pros" are doing it right. If something works for an individual then so be it, but that certainly doesn't mean there is only one correct way to do anything in this world. Just like felling a tree. There is no right or wrong way to do it. As long as the tree is dropped where it's wanted and it's done safely then what else is there? The problem with this world is there are too many people with their heads up their butts that think they are the one with all the answers.
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    Husqvarna, I understand you reply was directed to Lance, but I'll answer for both of us. It seems that you may be the one with head up butt, as you seem to get entirely too defensive when someone states the correct answer to a question. So, to answer your question "who's to say it's being done wrong?"

    In case you missed it, it is documented fact that the way we clean is the correct way. If you need the docs, simply PM me. I have seen many an idiot up on the rooftop with a pressure washer, surface cleaner, water broom, etc. It is NOT a correct cleaning method, nor is it effcient.
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    Who to say it's being done wrong? Lets see, the ARMA (Asphalt Roofing Manufactures Association) GAF, the majority of the largest roof cleaning companies in the country. How's that for starters.

    Look, I'm not just making stuff up. I've been cleaning roofs for a long time and have done more research into the roof cleaning trade than most, but if you need more clarification, try reading my earlier post.
    cleaning asphalt shingles roofs with pressure will cause damage, and could also result in possible water intrusion.
    It's pretty cut and dry. I'm not guessing that it will, it does. I've seen it first hand many times.
    Also, if someone is asking other professionals in the roof cleaning trade how to clean roofs, I'm going to give him the pro majority method, of which I am in favor of, as my recommendation of how to best clean roofs.
    I not going to encourage a cleaning method that is dangerous for the operator, the roof, and that takes 3 times as long, with poor results. I'm assuming if he is asking about roof cleaning that he would be interest in the safest, and most efficient methods. Wouldn't you?
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    First off...i thank anyone who takes the time to help me. Who best to ask then the guys doing it? That the bar on the end of a wand method still wrong even if it has low pressure? Seems a nice way to speed things up on the appropriate roof. What I'm getting is low pressure with the right chemicals is the way to go. Rinse off the roof of dirt etc...apply chemicals....let sit but don't allow to dry....rinse off. Depending on the roof this can be accomplished by both being on the roof and by using a wand extention with one of those bar attachments. I am interested in this as there seems to be no one in my town that is doing any kind of roof cleaning. I think there is an opportunity here I would like to look into. I'm not stupid enough to think it's all just that easy....but..........
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    Sloan, feel free to give me a call. I will have you making $300+/hr before the end of the week.

    NO PRESSURE WASHERS used to clean a roof. On the customer end, it is bad for the shingles, on the contractor end, it is slow and profit eating.

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    I'm interested in this now. The people in my area washing roofs are all using high pressure. Someone give me some insight on the process of low pressure washing a roof. IE steps.
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    I have the a 12 volt kit from Bob at PressureTek. It works great on siding and roofs. I don't even own a PW.
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    I always thought that just spraying chemicals on the roof was not enough. Don't you have to agitate the dirt and mildew for it to become clean? Two of my neighbors had a "soft clean" company clean their concrete roof's, to me they still look dirty and have a darker shade to them. Now my roof was done with a concrete scrubber and chemicals and it looks 10 times better then my two neighbors. Like the day we bought it new.

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