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    I slice seeded a yard with a fescue blend about 3 weeks ago. Customer has been watering (we are in the middle of a drought) as of yet no germination. Customer has been watering with soft water could this affect the seed? I have always had great luck with this seed. (lesco team mates plus). This customer is a friend of mine so i believe he is watering.
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    Take a water sample to your local cooperative extension agent. High concentrations of chloride (salt) will inhibit plant growth and is toxic to grass plants in high concentrations. Chloride should be less than 140ppm from water source. If the chloride is above 140ppm in test you will need to apply 20 lbs of gypsum per 1000 sq ft to flush out the high sodium and also do a soil test and find out how much potassium is needed in the base saturation percentage. Needs to be 2-5% of ba sat. and sodium .5-3% and always lower than potassium to prevent sodium induced wilt. Client will need to water lawn with a water source that bypasses the water softener.

    Pete D.

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