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software dig or drafix


LawnSite Senior Member
The Jersey Shore
is anyone familiar with any of these products. dig or drafix? which one is the best of the too, or do you have any recommendations on any other software.. thanks



LawnSite Member
south dakota
I have the drafix landscape pro. Pretty spendy in my opinion. It's just a cut & paste program and that is all I really need. I haven't spent any time with the cad stuff, I don't feel like getting PO'd at the moment. I'm not exactly pleased with the library of plants, lots of bells and whistles that you pay for that you don't need. There is a thread here somewhere about a program for $45. I would like to see how it compares with mine.


LawnSite Member
I've got ProLandscape (drafix). They just came out with free upgrade version 6.2 which included a lot of plants for our zone (8-9). I don't use it much yet - need to buy a digital camera.

the CAD part is not too hard to learn - if you have the time & inclination. I bought a Canon bjc-5100 for less than $200 that prints out 11x17 paper for the CAD plan-view drawings.


LawnSite Bronze Member
No.VA, zone 7
I have used the suite of DIG software for two years. It has definitely made a big difference in our sales. Go to Search to check out earlier posts about it. I have a friend who purchased the Design Ware (imaging) program and then decided not to use it. She would like to sell it. Let me know if you're interested in buying it.


LawnSite Senior Member
Central Kentucky
I purchased my drafix program this past summer. I bought it at a trade show for 895.00 and they threw in a digital camera. I have used the cut and paste. I have not used the cad part but will this year. I have the 6.0 version and it is limited on the plant selection. They hve not contacted me about the upgrade.

So far my 10 year old can do more with the program than I can. LOL

I am pleased with the overall program.