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Discussion in 'CLIP Software' started by BoHog1634, May 7, 2004.

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    I am wondering if this software is a good fit for someone starting out in the fertilizer/pesticide application business? The business will also include aerification and seeding, sodding, and those type services. In the beginning, it may also include some mowing and mulching, and clean-up services as well to help bring in the income.

    Is this something that would work for me in the beginning, and then be able to be somewhat application business specific as that part of the company grows (hopefully)?
    Also, is it very expensive?

    Thanks for your time to reply, it is greatly appreciated!!

  2. DaveTucker

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    Yes, CLIP can help you immensely with your Chemical App company. We have many companies that are using it for that and we have created industry specific manuals that help you use CLIP quickly and easily in this industry.

    The great thing about CLIP is that you can also use it for maintenance and other jobs, so if your company exapands into other areas of service, CLIP will be there to help you.

    Hope this helps. Let us know if we can help you with any details, please call us at 800-635-8485.

    Dave Tucker
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    I purchased QClip Pro this winter. I have a small lawn maintenance business like you... around 20 customers. We do most lawn cutting, some mulch, and landscape maintenance. I received my applicator license over the winter as well and wanted to get a handle on the business. I run the business with my son part time.

    I also use Quickbooks for Contractors for the invoicing side of the business.

    I am very familiar with computers and somewhat comfortable with databases. I spent evenings over the winter loading QClip (and Quickbooks) with all my customer data and setting up the system for the types of jobs I do. The program took a little getting used to, but the time you spend on the front end, pays dividends during the day to day management of the business.

    I have loaded all the chemicals I use (Lesco) into CLIP and have set up specific jobs in CLIP so that when a customer's job is scheduled it automatically knows which chemical I will use. It also allows you to track chemical usage after the application.

    Being a small business, I can't say I am saving a huge amount of time. I don't have the economy of scale that a large company would have. However, I am much more aware of my costs, time spent on the job, and profitability. I know I am only scratching the surface capabilities of CLIP at this time. I am much better prepared to grow the business successfully.

    Each night I record the work that was done in CLIP, print out a summary, staple it to that day's route sheet, and file it. I then run the route report for the next day's work, print it out, and then call it a night. I am spending about an hour an evening doing this. However, I can do it all in just a few minutes when I need to. It's just that I am spending time analyzing the numbers and tweaking the software as I go.

    Overall I am very pleased with the software. The look and feel is quite different than Quickbooks, so it takes a little getting use to. Quickbooks is good for the accounting side of the business and in my humble opinion easier to use. However, Quickbook does not even come close to doing the industry specific tasks we need. I have only needed CLIP support on 1 or 2 occasions, and found them to be helpful.

    Hope this helps.
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    Support is important and CLIP has one of the best support staffs around...

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