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    I'm having a good problem....this year i started part time mowing lawns. I started out with about 10 accounts and ended with about 30. I have been doing all the billing and routes by hand, but now it's too much. Can anyone tell me of some inexpensive software packages that would help me??? I know you get what you pay for, but at this point I would rather spend my money on equipment and getting my name out.

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    In the future, please do a search on this subject. There are many and I mean many threads on this subject.

    Myself, I'm happy with QuickBooks Pro(around $300 u.s.). I'm able to at a glance:memorize my bills so I can print invoices for the days route schedule in less than 10 minutes(sometime over 63 clients) see who is delinquent, job cost exct...

    Other software specific to this trade: lawnmonkey, clip, are very good products but for simple acccount with more features at a resonable cost qb is the way to go.

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    I recently brought a poll/thread to the top of this forum, check it out. It will give you a small idea of what is being used from users of this site.


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