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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by dworske, Mar 2, 2005.

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    :) Don't worry, I won't forgot about the praises
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    Once you get the hang of setting up the schedule, you will find it very easy. Like MacLawnCo said, it's nice to set your routes up and be done. You can look at your schedule in front of you and schedule one time jobs where they fit. You can even look at your gross sales for the day, month, etc. This helps to see if you are hitting your targets etc. Actual job costing can be done as well, but not with the standard version.
    To me, the best part is being able to click the mouse a few times at the end of the month and generate invoices for all maintenance work done in the set time period. Export them to QB and you are done. Nice and easy. Best of luck.

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    What about clip? Have you guys who use Lawn monkey,Gopher,Qxpress, compared these to clip? I would like to know the differences if possible.
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    I looked at CLip, Gopher, and Lawn Monkey before. I was almost sold on Gopher but I changed my mind at the last minute

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