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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by tamo, Jan 25, 2007.

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    sorry to start another software thread, but I haven't seen one talking about what mac users use.

    I have been doing the typical research looking at the industry standards groundskeeper, lawnpro ect... I thought about getting virtual PC to be able to run these programs but just realized virtual PC doesn't run on Intel based macs which I have. I found another software Parrallel that lets you run PC based programs has anyone used that?

    Right now I'm leaning towards just going with quickbooks pro. Reasonable price, best accounting, room to grow, and I don't want to clutter up my mac with pc nonsense.

    how is quickbooks for job costing? I know there's no routing, but I can do that elsewhere.

    is there a Qxpress for macs I've looked around but haven't found it?

    and is there a quickbooks contractor edition for macs?

    what do you Mac users use?
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