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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by RedSox4Life, Nov 13, 2012.

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    So I know theres a million threads on here about which business management software everyone likes. Or I guess thats not accurate... Im more interested in the cloud-type programs.... Jobber, Frehbooks, Service auto pilot etc.

    Im starting to look seriously into switching to one of these types. I keep having the same nagging question though.

    Since with these you are not buying a piece of software, but subscribing to a service, what happens if the company goes out of business?

    At least with quickbooks I own it and can use it for the rest of my life. Im worried one of these upstart type cloud sites could go out of business in a year and Im back to square one.
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    You have a valid concern with many different answers/scenerios possible.
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    I know with Jobber, you can export your reports and other things to some degree. I am a Jobber user and I can export a variety of reports among other things into an excel or similar format. I know, just with speaking to Jobber's Co-Founder Sam, that Jobber is hiring and trying to keep up with the overwhelming demand for their product. I don't see them going under anytime soon. Plus, if one was to go under, I know Jobber among other companies would send out an email in advance stating the situation and give you ample time to export. I also know that many service software companies like Jobber, even store your data even after you close your account. This is because of cloud storage being so cheap and that you would have your records if you were to become a customer again.

    Anyways, I wouldn't let your fear hold you back from choosing a cloud-based software company!

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