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Fat boy Jay

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Philadelphia PA
Hi All This is my second post to this site, We need help choosing software.
We have to update our current clip program because of a new computer purchase. Because of yearly fees and update fees we are considering purchasing a new software program.We currently use q clip for our billing/work recording purposes only . Never used it for scheduling ,time tracking, estimates etc. --always seemed too time consuming and who really has the time ?. We also use quickbooks pro for all accounting purposes and are fine with that program. We are just wondering if there is a newer better/faster software we might consider using for scheduling, time tracking, marketing, and accounting etc.. We are a small full service, management, design,install,snow plow company with 6-10 employees so we are not looking to break the bank. We are realistic and believe you get what you pay for ,just looking for options and opinions.
Thanks in advance


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check out service autopilot. switching to it this year. I have a dozen or so weekly mowing customers and about 380 fertilizer and weed control customers as a solo op. really looking forward to the scheduling features.


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Fat Boy,
I use qclip too. I just updated it and after looking at all the others that are good and reputable, you will pay good money for the same things clip has. I don't use it for estimates and mail merge, but I use it for routing with map point, Chemical tracking, scheduling, costing, material tracking, and travel. I also use it to track employee productivity and base my bonus package on the numbers that it spit out. I love the program, but with any program you know you have to put garbage in to get it out.

When I looked at Qexpress, it was a couple grand, you have to update, pay for support, and all the other stuff. Like I said, I like clip and maybe you should just pay with your time to learn more about it instead of putting out more finacial capitol. There is nothing good cheap on the market, you get what you pay for. Good luck


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Cambridge, MA
Jay, have a look at this business management software called Latitude. The software has scheduling, timesheets, information management, costing, archiving, accounting softwares links like Quickbooks, reports, quotes, and invoices. I've tried the software out myself, its reliable and convenient.