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    Got a question regarding software. Please bare in mind that I am not the most computer literate person. So please keep the words small and understandable. LOL :dizzy: What do most people use? I have heard of some using Quickbooks. And if so, What version? (Simple Start, Quickbooks Basic, Quickbooks Pro, Quickbooks Cantractor.. etc, etc???) Also from the little reading I have done on it. People use Gopher billing and scheduling. And some use both because from what I understand they can work in conjunction with each other? What would be the advantage or disadvantage of this? And what do most of you out there recomend? I am also going to be purchasing a new computer soon. What would be the requirements needed for this? :help:
    I appreciate any help.

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    I use QuickBooks Pro with Customer Manager. You will have just as many people love it or hate it. I am one of those that love it. I have not used Gopher or Groundskeeper but did a lot of research on this site like you are.
    There are many applications you can purchase with QB. It is very versitile. This is my first year using it and hope to incoporate the Credit Card Payment feature next year. Also bought a new Dell Dimension C2600 with 120mg memory with 512 SD RAM. I love it. I take a lot of pictures and it has tons of memory. Also bought a Dell Axium X50 with GPS to have for contact names, Equipment Inventory with Serial numbers etc etc etc. The GPS is nice, makes finding homes a lot easier. Not sure this helps any but I am very please with all my toys. My wife calls me a High Tech Redneck because of all my toys. The way I look at it. I am solo and anything I can do to increase productivity and efficiency I'll do. Good Luck!!!
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    I am a Gopher man myself, you can't beat thier customer support. They also have a 30 day free trial available as well...and the price is right.

    We use Simply Accounting...more popular in Canada eh. However we are thinking on switching to Quickbooks this year.
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    Hi Allen's LS,

    Please consider downloading the software and trying it out. See how it could help you. We have lots of training available in the online training section here.

    Thanks ritchiem for thinking of us.
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    Thanks for the input... All of this info helps a lot. I'm a bit leary about putting all of that cash toward two types of software if I don't need too. payup Is Gopher an accounting software like Quickbook also? If it is, then why would some people use both?
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    Good questions....

    First, determine your needs. Do you need a full accounting program, or do you only want to automate your billing? For full accounting, QuickBooks is great. If you just need billing, there are some green industry programs that will do that, including CLIP.

    Second, if you do go with QB, remember it does not do things green industry specific programs do - scheduling, routing, job costing. There are programs that have these features and also link to QB. I use qCLIP and think it's great.
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    When I was 16 and younger I used to put my age on the flyer and I think that attracted customers more because they thought they would help out a neigborhood kid but now since Im 18, I think it is stupid to put my age down and now when I pass out flyers, no one calls. I've passed out 700 flyers the last two days and have only gotten one call :realmad: What are some things that attract customers? Any examples of some flyers you guys have used out there?

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