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Houston, Texas
I am looking at the Gopher software and did not really like the estimating format. Is there something else out there that you gays or gals may be using?
Also I did not notice a payroll on the Gopher, am I just not seeing it? Is there another software that will allow me to keep up with payroll. I know that I can use Quickbooks but I understand that you have to keep renewing every year. Can anyone sugjest another software?


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Lots of software for the lawn/landscaping indutry out there with free demos. Check them all out and then make your decision. I use Lawn Monkey and it has the ability to do payroll, but I don't use that feature yet.

Team Gopher

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Hi skurkp,

We have an accounting firm that offers payroll with our software. Click here for more information about that.

You should be able to edit your estimate to include any contractual wording you need.

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