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    hello all new to this forum ,but not the industry.have been a laborer to lawn maint super. , but havent been involved in much of the office side .This will be my first season on my own , I have went the legit route (insured,LLC.etc.etc), but now it is time to pick a software program that is fairly inexpensive but can still do the required jobs that will need to be done . Was looking at gopher and lawn pro,, anyone using either program that can give me a few of the pro's and conn's of them??Thanks in advance Things have been going great so far, flyers go out in two weeks and have only made a handfull off cold calls to places , and have submitted bids to two dif customers with 16 propertys. thanks to all who post the great info on this site I really like the advice you get from the masses!!!!
    allen warner
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    Check out Lawn Pro Software its a good program and its affordable
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    i use gopher 2006 and i love it. very easy user friendly interface and for the basic version its only 100$ right now.

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