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I think in order to look more professional I should get some sort of software. Thing is im a cheap ass and dont want to spend $100 on something. I have a dell axim (a palm system basically) a blackberry phone and a laptop (win vista os) all with printing on site capabilities. I would like at the bare minimum some software that lets me organize clients and schedules. If you can recommend somethign thats cheap or even free I would sure appreciate it, if not i guess im gonna have to wip out the old pocket book.

Andy Meadows


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Do you use this LawnPro software...how does it work? It looks like it could be a real time saver. I have 5 customers and It gets confusing trying to keep up with who payed what and who needs mowing. Let me know if it works good! Lawn Shark


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Southern WI
5 customers? You can't keep track of that with a pen and paper?

I use My Invoices and Estimates Deluxe by Avanquest Software to handle the billing and customers. Stores all the customer info, who paid what and when, etc.

Scheduling, i simply have a 7-page book and each page is a day of the week. For one-time stuff I have a couple large dry-erase boards in the office that I schedule on.


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QuickBooks. I hate LawnPro. LawnPro support sucks big-time.


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Flint, Michigan
I use My Invoices and Estimates Deluxe by Avanquest Software to handle the billing and customers. Stores all the customer info, who paid what and when, etc.
If you are using this program, you will be hard pressed to find another program of this caliber and price that does any better. For the money this program costs, it is simply awesome. It is SO easy to learn and use, and does so well at tracking accounts payable, as well as the itemizing and billing. I love the customization features that allow you to type in any operations you want, and then it memorizes them - so when you punch the first few letters, it draws up the opyions. Also, you can just use the dropdown window to select the operation you want to type. It tracks all your invoices, when they were printed, and all your payment histories, as well. It has pretty decent collection letters as well that it automatically asks you if you want to print. You just get alot of bang for your buck with this program.:weightlifter:


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Western PA
I use clip http://www.clip.com/
i use clip which links directly to Mapquest for more efficient routing, and links to quickbooks for all accounting stuff. I don't know exact price. i bought all of it years ago. don't think it is cheap tho. If you need software for 5 lawns.....


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Check out Google calendar. You can put up to four items in each day of the week and access it from any computer with an internet connection. You can also print it out, one copy for your schedule and one to add stuff with a pen or mark as paid(ie- pen and paper). Just go to the google website and search "google calendar. I have twenty two weekly customers and use it all the time. You can set whatever you type in to repeat weekly, daily, whatever and it will keep going month to month if you want it too. If I do customer A on Saturdays I set it to repeat weekly and so on. And dang it it's FREE!


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Knoxville, TN
I purchased lawnpro and did not like it. Not bad though for $70 compared to others. I made my own system of routing and billing through MS Excel. Then enter it in to quickbooks to keep up with who has paid and not and the books, etc.