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    I'm not the best at software either (not enough patience I guess). But CLIP has good support. Give them a call at 800-635-8485 and I'm sure someone can help you through it.
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    I will help with this one. I use Lawn Monkey, which is basically the same as QXpress. If you want to mow Miss Jones lawn starting April 15th and want to stop mowing October 30th and you want to mow this on a weekly basis. You put that info in once and it generates a schedule of her to be mowed once a week for the entire year. It will leave each mowing service "pending". Once you complete the service, a simple click is all it takes. At the end of the month another click to generate invoce. You should really demo all the programs out there and decide whcih one is the best for you. I am not a salsman, just a user.

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    I have been using ground keeper pro . but thought I would try somthing that I could use with quik books
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    I use gopher2002 which integrates with quickbooks

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