Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by kimh, Oct 13, 2013.

  1. kimh

    kimh LawnSite Member
    from Avon MN
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    Looking at updating our software...actually NEED TO update the software we are currently using it is 20+ years old (Alpha). We specialize in fertilizing & weed control We have approximately 4,000 customers. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  2. snomaha

    snomaha LawnSite Bronze Member
    from midwest
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    Accounting - scheduling - routing, or all?
  3. kimh

    kimh LawnSite Member
    from Avon MN
    Messages: 3

    Everything I would love it if I could find something that worked all in one Right now I enter the deposit in an excel worksheet where we separate the price out entering the base price and tax Then I enter the payment again in the customer's account.
  4. grass-scapes

    grass-scapes LawnSite Bronze Member
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    The literally HUNDREDS of times this same question has been posted you couldn't find anything in a search?
    Real Green Service Assistant (I just switched to this in July)
    qxpress (just switched FROM this...don't recommend as their support has fallen WAY off)
    Service Autopilot
    Plenty more

    And get this.....I found them all by doing a search using the word....Wait for it.... SOFTWARE.
  5. kimh

    kimh LawnSite Member
    from Avon MN
    Messages: 3

    Gee... thanks so much...and yes I have done my own research for software Just wanted to get input from others on what they liked the most
  6. Laurel Leaf

    Laurel Leaf LawnSite Member
    Messages: 33

    I am doing the free trail for jobber right now. It is pretty good, I wish it was cheaper though....,
    I still am searching too.
  7. Jobber

    Jobber Sponsor
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    Jobber checking in!

    Our customer success team is more than happy to answer any questions that anyone might have, so don't hesitate to send us an e-mail at or call us toll free at 1-888-721-1115.

    @Laurel Leaf: I think you'll find that our pricing is actually some of the lowest in the industry!

    Sam @ Jobber
  8. inzane

    inzane LawnSite Silver Member
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    Gopher isn't bad for the price, you pay for it once and thats it. i am pretty sure it was under $300. No support though. No upgrades in sight i'm sure. Its fairly easy to use, and has alot of good features. I've been sticking with that, and i like it for now.

    I also used the jobber trial, its a great software too. It just wasn't a good fit for me right now.
  9. WenzelOSLLC

    WenzelOSLLC LawnSite Senior Member
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    I use Gopher and QuickBooks. Works alright. Only problem I have is that sometimes Gopher gets a database error and won't open. Can be annoying when you want to get some work done.

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