Soggy Yard: Different Tires??

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by PFSmarty, Apr 5, 2005.

  1. PFSmarty

    PFSmarty LawnSite Member
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    I just purchased a house with 5 freekin acres of yard to cut. I then went a purchased a Hustler Super Z 60" to cut with. My problem is that the yard is always soggy. I have had the mower 1 week and I have got it stuck 7 times. We have had 4 days of sun and it still is not dry enough to get the whole thing cut. Is there different tires that might offer more traction in this soggy ground? Once the lugs on the orginal tires get filled, they stop pulling at all. Is there a solution, or do I need to mount a Warren Winch to the front of this thing?

  2. rodfather

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    If you're getting stuck that much, tires is not your problem...lack of proper drainage is.
  3. 430 boy

    430 boy LawnSite Member
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    you might have a spring. If that the case you can run a drainage tile pass it and
    that will solve the problem. If it still wet run more tile. :)
  4. HighGrass

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    I agree. The only alternative would be wait and see if it drys up some. If it doesn't, start thinking about drainage.
  5. Precision

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    I don't mean to sound like a jerk, but what are your irrigation habits like?
    I used to have a customer who swore she had a plumbing leak that caused her bog. Turns out she was running her irrigation for 2.5 hours per zone while she slept EVERY night.
  6. captken

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    PJ posted information and a picture of the tires on the ATZ.
    Glad to have you aboard, Kenny.
    No mowing for me, the next few days...more rain moving in [on top of the 12" rain we have had so far this year.] Spring time is always wet, at least here in the Memphis Metro Area! :waving: Try going a little slower, when the tires start to slip, stop. Pulling a 1000lbs. plus machine out of mud is no fun, not to mention fixing the turf damage. I keep a long chain and a come along for when I do get stuck. Where are you located? Hope you get your drainage issues corrected.

    kenny :waving:
  7. Mower For Less

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    You could also try core aeration. You could probably get one to tow behind your Super Z (If you can get traction). If you do that twice a year it will help improve drainage.

    And what was mentioned above about irrigation habits, drain tiles, etc...

  8. out4now

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    from AZ
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    I agree with this. Is it the whole yard or just a certain area? Broken pipe maybe? New tires would only add to the compaction and not help the situation much.
  9. PFSmarty

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    I don't irrigate at all! Ive got enough water!
  10. PFSmarty

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    Thanks all.......I'm also having problems figuring out where to post and reply to get it in the right place.


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