soil amount above rock

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by FYS777, Feb 5, 2011.

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    It just doesn't look like a turf friendly area. How long have they lived there? Somebody took a lot of time. Its not attractive but I think it is purposeful.
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    There are a lot of ways to dress up that area that are much simpler and inexpensive.

    One could easily go with various pots or other ornamental hardware. A trellis standing up behind the wall and showy from the house with a vine that fits the area.
    That is what I'd probably do and I'm sure you could get more ideas from people that have a sense of decorum and taste... :)
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    It wouldn't matter if you took out two feet of rock and replaced it with soil and geotextile fabric, it will become dry and kill any type of grass you put on there.
    During our droughts, turf that is over underground drains will become depleted of moisture and the turf dies. In our case, of bermuda grass, it withers but returns with rains. Other than that, with fescues, etc. it will not recover as quickly.

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