Soil Analysis Report - Opinions Please

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by pglover19, Mar 25, 2008.

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    I would use Lesco's 24-5-11 50% PPSCU. It has above 3% free Sulfur, and your 11 ppm (22 lbs per acre) test result, is too low on that Low CEC/Sandy Profile. 25ppm/50lbs per Acre is a good goal.

    4 lbs per 1,000 of the lesco 24/5/11 3x a season at timings suggested will be fine, and get you up to around 35 Lbs/acre the 1st season.

    Your turf will be greener and healthier.

    If you topdress with the leaf compost, this will help bump up the OM%, and also offer available Sulfur, as well as eliminate one fert app.

    Again this is what I would do.

    Happy Spring.

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    Please specify the LESCO product # for the 25-5-11 fertilizer you are talking about. On the LESCO site, there are a number of fertilizer products with the 25-5-11 number.
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    looke dlike they were trying to get the K up, you could use potasium phosphate to raise that. Go with riggles rec on fert. To get the organic matter up leave the clippings on the lawn, just dont mow more than 1/3 length at a time cross cut it in. Mow when dry. By the end of the summer it will be up on organic matter. Compost top dress would be like 1 yard to 1000 sq ft thats alot to spread, someone with a bark blower might be able to do it in quick time
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    So what fertilizer combination would you use?
  6. pglover19

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    Please recommend a fertilizer combination (N-P-K).
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    Not sure what combo products r available in you area so I'll stay away from that one. However, I would suggest doing "split" apps at 1/2 the rate. I've found sandy soils respond better with a more even feeding. I also agree to "stay away from phosphates" esp if your near any lakes or rivers. "Give a hoot, don't pollute"
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    For best results (a little more costly, so I have not used these products myself, except the 24-5-11 034474), I would suggest products with higher levels of slow release, especially on sandy soils with low organic matter.

    If you are only using Lesco, I could not find any slow release potash, nor methylene urea in thier product line catalog.

    A good choice for Round 1 would be 19-2-11, Dimension, 89% PPSCU as slow release nitrogen. #023506

    A good choice for remaining rounds would be 32-0-10 , 75% PPSCU, 2% iron, #000691.

    Almost as good (but has some phosphorus) would be 24-5-11 , 72% PPSCU and sulfate of potash, #034799.

    Still good, and easier to find, would be 24-5-11, 50%PPSCU, #034474

    Heritage has some good ideas. I would suggest feeding half-rate every three weeks for a good spoon-feeding effect and less loss due to leaching.

    You need to discuss the program with local experts to plan your program to reduce the chances of diseases, like brown patch, on the tall fescue. You may wish to avoid all fertilizer during warm humid weather. Be sure to plan for good irrigation, weed control and insect control as needed.

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