Soil conditioners?


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I posted this in the commercial forum and got zero replies so I figured I would try it in here:

Does anyone have a price per square foot to apply clay soil conditioner? Aside from the pricing based on the application instructions, does it sometimes require more than one application? I have to give an estimate to a customer, but I don't want to sell myself short if it needs a second application, I know having the soil tested is an option to see exactly what is going on but has anyone ever applied this stuff, and only had to do it once?

Any help is appreciated!



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How do you know that you need a soil conditioner if you haven't tested the soil? That should be your first step. As far as soil conditioners go I am trying 2 products this year. One is Essential by Growth Products and the other is a similiar product priced a bit lower. As far as pricing, you need to determine that based on your overhead etc... - click on essential for info on using it - they have other similiar products as well.

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