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    o.k. i am really confused we have not fully plunged into the landscape side of the industry due to lack of equipment but business is getting much better in that end so we are soon going to be purchasing some new equipment finally to my ? is what am i going to need for new installs,sod and seed prep jobs etc... a few friends of mine live by a landpride reverse tiller and a pulverizer. but i am hearing alot of hype about a harleyrake. honestly i don't understand the concept of the harleyrake if i was to get onewould that be all i would need if not what other equip would i need. sorry for the long post but thanks in advance for any help.
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    We use a 260 JD skid-steer with a bobcat grading bar. This has large metal tines that can be lowered to cultivate. Plus you have the versatility of a skid!!

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