Soil Friendly Fertilizers used in combo products

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by turfsolutions, Mar 3, 2006.

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    MY IPM goals have always been to feed the soil and as a result you will get healthy grass. I use herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides as most of you all do. I would love to be putting down organic or natural based fertiizers every time I feed the lawn (soil). Here's the problem. Half of my applications I used combo products. Fert with Dimension and Fert with Merit. I have yet to see a combo product use soil friendly fertilizers. Is there any out there that are feasibly priced? Anyone else ever wonder why this is not offered? Maybe there is a processing issue? Anyway, if there was a feasible combo product offered such as an organic based 12-2-4 with dimension, I would be the first to buy a pallet.
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    well it looks like i have something new to try
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    feed the soil? have you guys every heard of hydroponics? turf doesnt even need soil,,,,,you guys been smokin some whacky weed or something? or listening to some blow hard that thinks he is intellegent?
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    What about just getting some healthy turf that will overtake the weeds. All that crap you put down kills any beneficial microorganisms that are working the soil on the turfs behalf. Live with a few weeds or pull them, at least the big ones, cut the turf more frequently if needed to keep it short enough to minimize you fungus problems. We mow our winter rye here at 1.5" at the tallest, most I mow at 3/4" I doubt you would have many fungus problems at that height. Once you get a healthy soil and stand of turf you can mow higher. I could be way off base because I'm in a different climate. But from what I read everyone cuts the grass so tall it holds a lot of moisture if you could work out an every 3-4 day mow schedule for the problem lawns I bet it would solve some problems and the weeds would would disappear too. Just a thought.... Could be completly wrong...
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    Howdy Az, Thank You for giveing some intelligent conversation to this forum. I'm so tired of these Organic Wannabees, useing Bridge products, Healthy ferts with pesticides that its makein me sick:dizzy: ........why is it they cant do any hard work anymore?.....that a quick shot of pesticide, is always their answer???????? You'd think these guys own stock in Farm Extracts or Nutri-whatever?.....well, Thank You for bein You:usflag:
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    Since you brought up Hydroponics. Lots of mediums have been tried in hydrophonics to hold the fertilizers close to the roots. The hydrophonics industry has some of the most sever fungal and disease problems of any other indusry that grows plants. Theya re always looking for a new chemical to add to their solutions to help with some new disease that is taking over their plants.

    There is one Fact that you can try to dispute if you want to, but here it is any way.

    You cant grow healthy plants without healthy soil.
    Fertilizer has never made soil healther.
    If you cant make healthy soil using fertilizer, you cant grow healthy plants using fertilizer.

    Now that isnt saying you cant grow plants with fertilizer, its saying that plants grown using fertilizer tend to have more disease problems than plants grown in healthy soil. sort of like the fat boy that only eats donuts. He's alive and growing, but he sure aint healthy
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    Looking for source of N that does good things for the long term?

    Consider Nitroform (urea formaldehyde) because studies have shown that it increases microbial activity in the soil over time.
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    This isn't a mowing forum, but this is fundamentally a good point. Every turfgrass has an optimal mowing height depending on the time of year. I can understand that rye does better at 1" or lower, whereas Fescue is generally best at 2.5" to 3". If you study turf types and cultivars, the optimal mowing heights vary quite a bit. Unfortunately, too many homeowners as well as maintenance companies are not aware of these guidelines. I can show you hundreds of Bermuda lawns in my area that are mowed at 3", where the optimal height is half that.

    What is particularly frustrating is that many of us know this, but we have no control on that part of turf management.
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    TGCL is the biggest hydroponic caretaker of lawns in the industry. Do you want to be lumped into the same category?:confused:

    A healthy thick lawn is the key to weed suppression no matter what program you use.

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