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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by spectrum landscapes, Jan 28, 2008.

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    hey guys>>> anybody know of any quality fertilizing injection systems or equiptment suppliers for this...we just want to be able to feed shrubs and trees with a liquid deep in the soil..just general purpose type feedings...having a hard time finding a supplier..not tree injctions...thyere are alot of those....thanks dan
  2. humble1

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    lesco , tank w/ deep root feeder
  3. terrapro

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    ive been looking for the same system? ive been on the lesco site and couldnt find anything
  4. Hissing Cobra

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    A nice 200 Gallon Space Saver or a 300 Gallon Fiberglass sprayer from Lesco/John Deere Landscapes will do the job. The Deep Root Feeder with injector tip can also be bought there. Because you're looking to Deep Root, I recommend the 1/2" hose. It'll produce more volume.

    Go to and when the page loads, hover your mouse over "PRODUCTS" and select "EQUIPMENT". Once the new page loads, look on the left hand side and select Tank Sprayers. There's many available.
  5. phasthound

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    After 30 years of tree & shrub fertilizing, I still cringe at the term "deep root feeding".

    90% of tree roots are in the top 6 inches of the soil. If you inject deeper than that you are not doing anything other than wasting fertilizer and increasing nutrient runoff.

    Please use low N that is organic based. This will help woody plants to thrive rather than pushing top growth which attracts insects and weakens the immune system.
  6. jtk47

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    check out National Tree Preservation. They license out there equipment and product. Also great proof that it works from before and after pics on there website.
  7. phasthound

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  9. Neal Wolbert

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    Well said phasthound. "Deep" insertion can be beyond the fine roots and a waste of time, IMO. Anyone who has seen airspading done will agree that most fine roots (those that transport nutrients and moisture) are in the top 6-8" where there is adequate gas exchange. I'm curious why you recommend organic N, over synthetic. Care to elaborate?

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