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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by vtscaper, May 10, 2012.

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    We are prepping for a clay brick driveway and running into an issue I would like some feed back on.

    we fully excavated two days ago to a 15" depth. Below the asphalt and 4" "base" of stone dust:hammerhead: we found mostly a silty mix with some veins of clay and organic matter. Typica soils in this particular area. The night after we finished excavation and into the next day we received about an inch of rain. Was forecasted for less than a tenth and that why we went for it... The drive slope down to the rd. the road is now 15" above our cut so obviously after the rain we had a problem..

    We manage to trech the water off and dredge out the muck.. But what we are getting is water seeping in on the side of the cut from the neighboring property so as fast as we could dredge it would fill up a bit and turn to sludge... So at this point we are down about 2.5 feet in this one area of excavation which is about about 500 sq. we skimmed the whole driveway with about 2" of base in order to be able to compact sub grade. we worked on other things on site for the rest of the day and tonight before we left we were still feeling a little "pumping" under foot in the area that was the worst.

    So we are forecasted to have dry through the weekend and then more rain Monday tues... Non vehicular I would without a doubt feel 100% about just moving forward with the rest of our base and compaction routine. But I am a little nervous here. If we leave it open and we get more rain it will stay saturated. Or we can start tightening it up and it will be ready for anything at that point. I am most worried about Not getting proper compaction of the sub grade...even though its now 2+ feet down....
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    try to compact some larger aggergate like 1in-3in stone in the soft areas and see if the soil will harden up, we tried this for a patio once and it work pretty well.
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    Cr-2 and filter cloth would be my recomendation put a layer of cloth then cr2 8 in thick then a layer of cloth and repeat and compact the layers so it's good and tight.
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    still in the hill section....I heard you received a pleasant call from Forest the other morning......
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    I am really surprised there weren't more comments on this..
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    Are these permeable or standard install clay pavers?
  7. vtscaper

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    non perm clay 4 by 8". we addressed the issue. and are moving right along now..

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