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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by jeffex, Oct 29, 2000.

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    I saw the future of the lawn care business on
    hgtv last month. They were using a machine that
    looked like a large b&d electric mower with
    hoses attached to it. It was injecting polymer
    beads, like those used in diapers, into the lawn.
    Where I live the soil is red clay and aeration
    is good for maybe a month. I contacted a company
    called soil moist that sells the polymer only.
    Has anyone else seen or heard of these machines
    for injecting the polymers into the lawn. I'm
    already lining up customers to try this service.
    the polymers hold water in reserve at root depth
    and thier presence it the soil helps slow compaction.
  2. gusbuster

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    A while back Horizon (irrigation supply house) was pushing this type of water conservation technique. I tried it out once and was not that inpressed. Thought it cost too much. Maybe now they got the prices down enough to try it out again.
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    I have been trying to find out the same thing. I emailed 5 co's info. asking about these polymer capsules/beads that can be injected into the soil/lawn. I actually rec'd some reply's early this morning. the following web site has info. on these beads (see below). But does not talk about a specific piece of equipment for delivering this material to the roots. However, I understand that you can just aerate the area and sprinkle the beads into the holes and that should work. Last month I saw this water conservation idea on the FOx News Channel and decided I would like to incorporate this service into our existing landcare business. I've heard that there is some legislation in the works that is requiring builders/contractors to include a water conservation plan before they are given approval to build. It is said that soon this type of service will be required before future landscapes can be installed. If you find anymore info. on this topic please share it with me. Thanks.
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    "HI I'm Bkoris. I'm a lawn care professional. I'm am GoD"

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    Anyway, I have seen this product advertised in AM Leonard and tried it on seed. They sell different size particles, and one of them is to cote seed with before application. It was $10 to cover 100lbs. of seed. I used it on a number of houses including my own and didn't notice any difference. It was supposed to hold moisture on the seed for longer periods of time. I think that the aerating and applying would be your best bet and cheapest way to go. In the heavy clay have you ever topdressed with a loose mixture of soil/gypsum or peat after aeration? After a couple times I thought that it would do the trick.


  6. Scraper

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    Jeffyr: I've been trying to figure out how to get it down into the soil as well. Hope someone has an idea as I have 10 lbs. of the stuff. I use it for plantings now, but at my house I have clay so bad it is like concrete. My concern is that you'll end up with a layer of gel on the lawn from the particles which do not get underground. I mixed the stuff from Leaonard with the soil for my hot peppers this summer. First time I watered the soil the top was covered with gel from the pellets sucking up all the water.
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    I noticed on the site for AM Leonard that they have an auction area & they are selling clay soil treatment-$10.00 per 40lb bag. Check it out.

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    So, how has this stuff held up for users?

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