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    FYI, I just thought you would like to see. And I am hopeing others will compare their soil appearance and test results. My house was built and I seeded the lawn about 1980. Sandy soil. The soil test was in 1999. and today is 2011. Back yard. Lawn is partially shaded, irrigated; has had steady care and fertilizer. As I recall, deeper soil, below 12 inches, is yellow sand.
    What do you think the soil test would look like?

    OK, I will tell you, as its hard to read:

    pH 6.8--and this matches the pH meter--no guarantees, of course
    Phosphorus 17 ppm (34 lb/Ac)
    Potassium 55 ppm (110 lb /Ac) 2% Base saturation
    Calcium 850 ppm (1700 lb/Ac) 71%
    Magnesium 187 ppm (374 lb/Ac) 26%
    Cation exchange capacity: 5.9 me/100 g

    Soil type: "mineral coarse texture"




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