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  1. Madddog6993

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    Guy's has anyone used a online service for a soil sample. I now I can go to my local extension but I need one quick. Thanks in advance:dancing:
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    Usually they need the soil to do the analysis. Ship it to them like A&L laboratories for instance. They may air dry it for a day before processing. Some companies respond by email.
    However if you are serious--you can get an inexpensive pH meter at a garden store. Not really accurate, more approximate--but...

    Or buy a garden store soil testing kit. Do it yourself. Forget it if you are colorblind.
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    I didnt know you were color blind Riggs.:dizzy:

    Why do you need a quickie? Take your time.......:)

    I explain to my customers that it takes 2 weeks to get the soil test back and make my analysis and recommendations. This time frame wont make or break the lawn, shrub etc. b/c if there is a problem it will take 6 months to multiple years to fix depending on the severity.

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