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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by Remington351, Apr 13, 2018.

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    Hi Guys,
    Not exactly a wall question, but you guys are the experts on soil loads and drainage so I need your advice. I built the kids a 24x30 basketball court with of 5.5in concrete last fall, but did not plan appropriately for the rain water collection/shedding from the court.

    Instead of a slight dome in the concrete to shed water to all sides, it has a slight slope that sheds most of the water to the 2ftx2ftx30in deep concrete pillar that the basketball pole is mounted into.

    My concern is when we get a lot of rain, say 1-2 inches, the court could be draining 1,000 gallons in the immediate area of the pillar (720sqft x .17 rain=122cuft water x 7.5 gal per cuft). Do I need to worry that the soil down at the 30in mark will soften/weaken and allow the concrete pillar to sink? Thanks.
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    Trying to shed 915 gal of water is a task. I’m guessing your base for the net is below the frost level, if so something that size with good compact soil backfill and relatively good drainage away from the base should be fine. 1500lbs of concrete won’t move far if it was placed on a good base with compaction, something to think about is the type of soil you have around the drainage area.

    If you have a relatively good sand/gravel soil water tends to drain quicker over a shorter area, but as for a more silt/clay it will drain but it will drain over a larger area and not as fast - as the soil loading rate is way high. An easy way to think about it would be like swimming in a pool of molasses vs wading through a kiddie pool of water - you’d get through it, it just takes time.

    The only thing you’d really have to keep an eye on is the frost heaving (if you get cold climates).
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    Thanks NLPS. I'm near Frederick, MD so we did get about 10-15 days straight of single digit temps followed by warmup with rain/snow mix, then back to single digits. The slab is on 4 inches of compacted 57 stone so no heaving issues yet. I will however look into regrading at the pillar as it did puddle right on it during the rains.
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    Glad I could help. Thumbs Up
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    In Frederick you probably have clay soil . Just change the grading a bit to move the water away and you should be fine

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