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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by drumspace, Feb 24, 2008.

  1. drumspace

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    hello folks. i am kinda new to this site, and after a few searches, ive decided to ask my question.
    I work for a lawn care company and i am "THE liscenced killer." as i have been refered to... My boss asked me the other day to do some research to see if i can spray around the base of buildings that have vinyl siding, and vinyl fence lines in order to keep the trimmers from tearing up property. he asked if i could use a sterilant in order to be more effective than doing multiple roundup apps.
    my experience is pretty basic stuff. R-up in beds and tree rings, and 2,4-d to control the broadleafs.occasionally using drive on the crabs i have no experience using a sterilant. so now i have done a few searches on google and here, and i see alot of you use sahara.
    i am only going to be targeting turf aprox an area 3-5 inches wide and all the way around the base of this building, and the fence lines. i am looking to get a very defined kill line. downhill there are large mature trees, lots of surface roots, within 20 feet of area to be treated. geese and ducks frequent the property, to the point of being a constant pest on the turf. there is a large pond within 25 yrds of the treated area. the area is irrigated with a sprinkler system.

    i am wondering if sahara would not be a little much for what i am wanting to do? so if you are in my position what product would you use; or, if a different method would be better suited to obtain the results that i would like to achive, what would that be?
    any thoughts???
  2. Atlantic Lawn

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    Fence lines ok but in beds or around trees....not. We have used both Sahara and Pramitol. Pramitol has been around for quite some time, works well but smells. Here's a link to Pramitol. Used correctly they're both great tools.
  3. bug-guy

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    becareful and read the entire label
    i thought sahara would leech alot and if any roots (even from trees several feet away)
    would be affected and possible unwanted results
  4. turf hokie

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    I believe the pramitol will leach more than the sahara, but the sahara definately wont hold to a 3-5 inch defined area.

    In this situation I would probably stick with the round-up and maybe some dimension EW or another pre-emergent to get a longer window
  5. Slyder777

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    I may be mistaken, but I think Arsenol (sp) doesn't leach like Pramitol. Might try that.

  6. SpreadNSpray

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    I would stay away from Sahara in the landscape beds and around trees. A pre-em type product with and/or after your round up is what I would use.
  7. Tulialawncare

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    look at Krovar I df and Diuron 80 df mix read the lable first
  8. Foster

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    I would go with a roundup/ pre-emerge mix and look at doing it at least twice a season. Sahara or any of the 'harder' type soil sterilants might come back to bite you in the way of burning tree and shrub roots. I have had no luck with pramitol. Yes, it is easy to use because of the pellets ( I think they have liquid too but not sure), but it was expensive and did not last all season. It will move.

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