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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by smburgess, May 14, 2000.

  1. smburgess

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    I have a contract for a industrial plant where I need to kill/control vegetation covering an area of about 50 acres. I've been using a RoundUp and Sahara mix which runs about $200.00 per 100gal. I'm looking for suggestions for a more economical combination of products if possible.<p>----------<br>Southern Lawn Care, inc.<br>Richmond, Virginia
  2. NeilG

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    Sorry, can't be of much help, except to agree that Sahara/Roundup would be a bit pricey for a 50 acre area. Quick question. I just treated a 3 acre lot with Sahara, but didn't mix Roundup with it. It was my impression that Sahara would be a good enough post-em to do the job. What has been your experience??<br>Neil
  3. Spraylady

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    I used Sahara alone last year for a utility company that I do bare ground work for. Not a real quick kill (3 to 4 weeks when it is cool), a week or 2 when it gets warmer, but the sites stayed clean all season long. They used me again this year, so think Sahara alone is just fine.
  4. Cannonturf

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    Do you use the same tank you use for lawn spraying? do you neutralize it after or do you use a seperate tank?
  5. NeilG

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    C.T. I was forced to use the lawn tank, but will triple rinse with Lescosol to neturalize. Sorta time consuming job, but I figured that into the cost of the job. Bought several Tomato plants to test after the rinse, just to be sure that everything was okay.<br>Spraylady, thanks for the input. Temps are in the 80's and 90's, so things should be dieing soon. The Kudzu on the property was starting to show signs of stress by the time I was finished.<br>
  6. CMerLand

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    Spraylady,<p>Interested in more information about Sahara and the application method you used to apply it (backpack sprayer?) as well as any other info u can provide.
  7. Spraylady

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    I have a 100 gallon tank that I use. I mix 16 pounds to 100 gallons, along with a surfactant and dye. I do have a &quot;recipe&quot; put out by American Cyanimid that is for backpack and hand held sprayers if you want it. Sahara does leach. Let me know if you have more questions.

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