soil temp and bluegrass growth

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    Out of curiosity.. Does anyone know:

    At what soil temp does kentuck bluegrass begin to slow it's growth?

    At what soil temp does kentucky bluegrass go dormant?
  2. Roots have optimum soil temperature for growth. KBG about 55 degrees.
    Can have active root growth as low as 32 degrees.

    I find KBG leaf growth slows significantly after 1st freeze.
    Most active growth from 60-75 degrees air temp
    Extended periods with temps above/below the prime will slow grow.
    Of course moisture and fertilizer will also affect top growth rate.
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    Bluegrass leaf growth pretty much ceases after two hard frosts. Light frosts have no effect. Hard frost = very low 20s and colder, to me. If no hard frost but cold temps, growth will slow, but can become more active if temps warm up. No real realation to soil temps that I know of.

    Root and rhizome growth continue until the ground freezes. Frozen ground is the only way BG goes into cold dormancy. In mild winters here with no significant ground freeze, I have seen rhizomes grow 16"-18".
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    Kentucky Bluegrass...
    Is there a study out there that shows specific soil temps whereby the growth slows and where the grass goes dormant?


    Have noticed some years the grass has never gone completely brown and others it has?
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