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soil tempature

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Is there a university website that updates the current soil temp throughout the ohio-ind region. Once the calendar hits April the phone will go crazy saying WE ARE TOO LATE to apply crabgrass control. I know I can use my own soil gauge. However, I would like to direct the homeowner to a University site so they know the temp is still colder thaen they think----Thanks
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Thanks for the link, guys. Just what I needed. (Organics here.)
When the forsythia starts to bloom, that's the same time for the first crabgrass seed to grminate.
That may be true but the forsythia are close enough. Ohio State University has a website for "degree days" which has a low list of bloom times of various bushes and trees coupled with when certain pests hatch or weeds germinate.
I would refer you to it but it's only for Ohio. Maybe your university might have something similar. Maybe you can checkout "degree days."
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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