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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by RigglePLC, Oct 20, 2013.

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    What are your soil temperatures?
    Is it too late to seed?
    OK to seed if its absolutely necessary?
    When does winter overseeding of golf courses in Florida start?

    West Michigan soil temperature 42 under bare soil at 3 inches deep and 44 under thick turf.
    Syngenta's soil temp map indicates 40 to 45.
    Too cold for seed--probably.
    Last year I got germination in a test even much later in the year. True it was slow, but some days were warm, some cold.
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    You were right about some warm days and some cold days may cause seed to germinate... We often seed in October but not this late for Centro Wisco... Just to be safe we don't Dormant Seed until Nov. 10th, the Marine Corps Birthday... :)
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    East Central Wisconsin and the soil temp was 53 this morning. Grass was growing like crazy until a couple of days ago. First hard freeze of the season will be Monday night. Great time to kill weeds until the soil just about freezes.
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    I take soil temp's daily in September and October at 3".

    08/01 - 82*

    08/07 - 76*

    08/14 - 66*

    08/20 - 65*

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