Soil Test Results. What's the best approach?


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No sand here. 8-10 inches of farm loam. The lot used to be hayed and until 10yrs ago had farm animals on it. You'd think the soil would be great but the test tells otherwise.
How would you recommend correcting the exchange? I'll tell you up front that I don't even know wth that means..

He means the CEC number, a higher number means the soil is better at holding nutrients and has a stable pH.

I wouldnt say yours is awful. My own home lawn is lower than yours, I just can't topdress all of 2 acres.

To fix it, organic matter has to be put out. Can be composted manure, can be things like humichar/biochar, which is basically a type of charcoal. Then the soil holds onto things you put out and doesn't leach so bad. You can do this gradually if need be, but the long term result is less need to put any fert on it.

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