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Chuck Sinclair

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Sacramento, Ca
A couple Questions.

1. What does lime do for the lawn?

2. How do i find out what company will do soil testing for me?

Some of you may think this is stupid questions but to me the only stupid question is the one we did not ask.



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Lime is applied to acidic lawns to raise the ph. Depending on what the pH is will depend on how much lime you apply. Since it is recommended that you apply no more than 50 pounds per 1000 sf at each application, make sure any low pH problems are addressed early.

As for soil testing check with your local ag agency. I use Lesco, who use CLC Labs. Here is a link of several labs. Make sure the test you use gives specific recommendations on what and how much to apply.

I don't know if this would work, but why not check with U.C. Davis. I would think with their Ag. program they should get you going in the right direction. Ca. soils, as we are blessed, tend to be neutral level, usually soil problems tend to happen because of poor drainage problems, like with our last 3 winter years rains, hitting all at once.

Also, you can get your own soil test kits from Orchard Supply Hardware, but they are not as detailed as the test that "KirbysLawns", the above mention thread.

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