soil testing

I recived a catalog from GEMPLERS,That i sent for after seeing it on the this board , Thay offer soil testing kits ,and was wondering if any one out there does there own soil tests? Or do you send the to a lab?. These kits run in price range from $ 38.00 - $325.00. There web site is thank you. scott from G & S PROFESSIONAL LANDSCAPING SERVICE.


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Soil testing kits have been around for a long time. To most in the business, it is better to have a soil test done by state or private laboratories. Keeping the kits stocked with necessary chemicals is a chore, and you must practice to become familiar with different test procedures. Better to trust a lab that does the testing repeatedly.

If you wish to make some tests on site, I have found a Kelway soil ph tester to be useful. All my results of the Kelway were within +/-0.2 of lab results, and most were closer. Kelway will also give soil moisture readings. There are also other electronic testers for individual items.

Overall the lab testing is better; don't tie up your time in trying to be a chemist also. Good luck.


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How many of you actually take soil test at all your sites. Where I'm at they charge about $80 to perform a soil test at the lab I really havn't had a site that was willing to do this. Do you just mostly take ph test or complete soil test on your acounts?