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    I know there are some soil testing kits on the market that would allow me to test the soil of some of my lawns. I would much rather do my own tests if possible rather than driving over to the the extention office to have the samples sent out and analyzed then having the results sent back to me in a few weeks. Where can I get these kits and which ones are best? Also if you could tell me the price too. Thanks!
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    I was never satisfied with the results--i just got muddy water--yuck. You need a real soil test.

    A pH meter designed for soil might be an option. Don't plan on precision measurements--just a rough estimate. (Although Whitey was completely unsatisfied with the ones he had.)
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    You can spend a couple of hundred dollars on a decent PH test meter, but for accurate soil testing you need a lab. many other sources of soil testing labs are available, many that will send you sample kits and you just drop it in the mail and await your results. Lesco is an easy source for soil testing as well. i believe they send the samples to the CLC testing Lab. A good soil test is the basis for good design, landscaping and turf management.

    CLC Labs
    325 Venture Drive
    Westerville, OH 43081
    Phone: (614)888-1663

    Or you can check this website for an excellent listing of soil test facilities.


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