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Discussion in 'Power Washing' started by BrettT, Sep 24, 2012.

  1. BrettT

    BrettT LawnSite Member
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    I just added a solar charger to my box truck. No matter where I am and the sun is shinning, I am charging my batteries and keeping them trickle charged.


  2. Pressure Washing Cleve

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    Nice looking Brett, you beat me to it.

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    When I read your headline I was thinking you had a small panel, something like 2-3 amps but that is bad. Is that overkill for the batteries though?
  4. BrettT

    BrettT LawnSite Member
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    I have two batteries wired parallel. The charger would take about a week to get them charged with sun all day on the long summer days. The controller does all the work, keeping them charged at a trickle and conditioning at the same time. While researching this I found that this system actually will give better performance and extend the life of the batteries.

    I have used it for one week now and am wishing I had done this when I built the truck. One more 15 w panel would do a really good job but this set up works well. I sprayed 70 gallons on Thursday and left the job with 3/4 battery capacity.
  5. cmturner

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    Thats pretty cool Brett, can you give us more details, like can that be bought in a kit or did you have to build the system yourself and whats the cost involved with the set up.
  6. BrettT

    BrettT LawnSite Member
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    At first I wanted this system but it was back ordered 12 - 24 days and not stocked at the store closest to me. I went to the store and found a 15 watt panel on sale for 59.00. The controller was 99.00 so the two parts separately were the same price as the "kit". It was an easy install for the most part. A 15 panel will not charge two batteries quickly. I use it to keep them maintained, charging all day, even while I'm working. It has made a difference in the time I spend hooking up the battery charger, now about once a week (depending on sun). I sprayed 70 gals. one day last week and went home with 3/4 full batteries. The pump was working on and off for 7.5 hours. (No, it didn't take that long to do the roof, we had other work mixed in). Once the ladder rack is complete I might add a few more smaller panels.

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