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    I have and office phone line that I publish in yellow pages and all other advertising for that matter. I have that phone forward all calls to my mobile with caller ID and voice mail. My average is 8 calls a day trying to sell me something. In the begining I would answer all calls but now if it says "caller ID unavailable" it's a sure sign of a solicitor:angry: .Took me a month to figure that one out.:eek: If it is from a private line (some homeowners block theirs) it says "from private caller". The first month with this set up I used about 320 minutes on calls from solicitors:angry:. From now on.......No ID... No Answer. (I let the voice mail take it.) Just wondering how you all handle your calls for solicitaion.
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    Usually handle them by hanging up and being mad for 15 minutes. Is it true that unavailable and blocked is two different things? I will look for that, that could be a big help in my anger management difficulties.

    More valuable info at!!! Thanks
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    I tell em that this is a place of business n to put me on the "no call list" .....but Fla has strict laws on telemarket calls

    try one of those Telezapper's on eBay or Radio shack on your primary phone ..... never used one but for $50 it's a shot ;->
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    That's true, unavailable is telemarketers and blocked are private lines.

    I usually have extra minutes so what I do with the unavailables is pick up but say nothing. If you listen you can often hear the boiler room chatter. They usually give up after getting silence a couple of times.

    The thing is about letting it go to voice mail is that this identifies you as a working number and they will keep calling.

    The silent treatement or a device like a telezapper makes them think you are a non-working number. They will stop calling non-working numbers, and even better, they make a list of non-working numbers and share it with other telemarketers. Over time the number of calls will tend to be fewer and fewer.
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    I was going to ask if anyone had used one of these. I want to get one, but want to see if they work first.
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    *92 no ans call forwarding to my beeper. That way I can answer if I am home and don't have to relay each time I leave. My message state I will return all calls in 5 minute. My beeper is easier to carry all the time than a cell phone. Also beeper vibrates so even around Equip I feel it. If I am with a customer I don't want a cell phone or beeper going off. Finish with the customer then return all calls. Returning calls quickly is the professional way. If a customer has a complain and can vent it right now, the battel is half won. Most of my competiors don't return call very quick. The beeper helps to stop solication calls but not all of them. The Spotted Dog Use to call all the time. The way I fixed this was to have them come write me an estimate. After the sales man wrote it all wrong ( I lead him down the rose garden path) and I had it in writting I ask to see his lic. He could not product it he didn't have one so I called his CPO and started explaining chapter 452 of BEPC. Made him come see me in person about a 100 mile round trip for him. TrueGreen has not called me since. Gee I hate those phone call just as your eating dinner.
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    I just let my ansewring machine take all calls, business or personal. My cell # is on my greeting so if it's real important they can call me there. I've never had any soliciters call me on my cell, knock on wood. The answering machine is nice because if I don't reconize the voice I don't pick it up. Works for me.
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    The problem with that is some potential customers may be impatient and may just move on to the next listing in the paper/phonebook. I know I have in different circumstances.

    Some people just hate talking to answering machines, or just want an answer right away.
  9. Some unavailable calls are also calls that come from a place that doesnt yet have caller id in there area ,thus nothing can be sent back to your phone.For those privite calls i have a little box that detects the blocking devise and tells them if they want to talk to my number to turn it off i only have that on my personal phone
  10. I make them spend much waisted time as I can. Make them come out and give a bid that you wont take.

    Or tell em off!!!!!!!

    I love telemarketers. Especialy TG/CL


    P.S. none of my customers have my cell number, also I just had it set up as blocked number on called ID's

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