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    Buy the Telezapper thay work great , How do i know my wife works for ROYAL -the dirt devil people, We are very impressed with them. Can be bought at Wallmart,or Radio Shack. Hate to sound like a commercial, but her income helps with our health benifits.
  2. How does it work?

    What does it do exactly?
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    My daughter works for a large national telemarketer, and according to her the best way to stop telemarketers is to answer the phone, politely interrupt their pitch and ask them to put you on their "do not call list". First, this stops the pitch, second, and most important, it makes it know to them that you do not want to be recalled, ever. Here's the best part, if you do receive a recall from them again, within a years time, you can report them and they will have to pay a fine. After doing this for a couple of weeks you'll see a dramatic decrease in the number of solititation calls you receive.
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    To hear the tone, go here:
    and click on errorbeeps1.wav

    You will probably recognize the tone from when you have dialed
    a number incorrectly or reached a disconnected number.

    This site suggests other ways of dealing with telemarketers:
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    If I am in the mood, I love telemarketers!!

    I ususally ask them tons of questions. Try to get them asnwering you instead of you answering them. Remember, it is just a person reading a pre-printed card and they probly don't even know the details of what they are selling. Get them talking to you and never say YES to anything. Have fun with it!

    Long distance phone co.s are the best. I tell them my long distance is less than a dollar each quarter. (Actually it is, I use my Nextel for long distance). I proceed to tell them that I don't have any friends or family. "Hey, I have a great idea.....would you be my friend? what is your name? What is your number? Can I call you all the time? Would You be my friend? Where do you live? Can I come over for a visit?" This generally gets you taken right off the list and it is fun to boot!

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    Pick up the phone find out who it is and tell them "place me on your do not call list." They will be held liable if they call you again after saying those words, you can them sue them for harassment. They will be responsible for damages.
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    You are right. But I've found many people here at lawn site don't care whether they miss these calls or not. It all depends on how much you value a call. A lot of guys here don't mind that they'll lose a potential client here and there.

    And it also depends on whether you are an owner / operator or just an owner. That is, if it's you doing most of the work versus you doing the business end and having crews who do most of the work for you.

    But I am with you, and I am in the latter catagory. I hate to miss calls. So I use the same method Southern Lawn does. All of my calls when I am out of the office are forwarded to my cell phone, although nobody has my direct cell phone number.

    As for what to do about telemarketers. I typically just explain that I am on my cell phone or at a client's house and can't talk - thank you. If they call at night (and they usually do) I just mess with them like Matthew said. I had a hoot with an AT&T sales lady the other day.

    I dunno if there's a solution. It's like Fliers. There's always some jerk out of 1000 who gets mad at us for leaving a flier on his door. Am I gonna stop? Heck no. Fliers work. Well, so does telemarketing.
  8. Matt

    They hate to get off their sales pitch.

    I love it, mess with them back and waiste their time.

    I rarily go over in minutes on my phone so it's a blast to get even with them.
  9. double unavailable

    These were a great source of entertainment for me.

    Until I got this big account in the next city. They call in using a calling card which shows up unavailable/unavailable on caller ID.

    So now I have to be polite for the first three seconds.


    BTW if you,re going to call forward to your cell # you should have your phone co. block "unavailable" calls.

    I think it's illegal for them to solicit to a cell phone.
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    I want to design a system that automatically transfers out of area or blocked callers over to a 900 number[$3 per min] and let my wife talk to them all day. The longer she keeps them on the phone the more she can earn. Once in awhile she will pick up the out of area calls and try and sell them on our lawn service or pressure washing.

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